How to use the Library

The library is a quiet area of the school where you may choose and exchange books, use the computers for school/home work, sit quietly and read or complete that homework in school time giving you more free-time at home.

There are only four rules that you need to follow in the library and they are:

  • No food and drink in the library
  • Leave bags and coats in your locker – only bring the equipment you need to work
  • Do not use the library as a chat room, it is a working library
  • No mobile phones, mp3 players etc

Upon entry into school, all Yr 7 pupils will have an induction into the library.  You will be shown a PowerPoint presentation that will cover all the relevant points that you will need to know.

These are:

  • The Library Rules
  • When you may use the library
  • The layout of the library
  • What you can use the library for
  • How to book and use the computers
  • How to enrol in the library
  • Overdue books
  • Forms – which forms are used in the library
  • Fiction books – how they are filed on the shelves
  • Non-fiction books – how they are filed and understanding the Dewey Decimal System

When you may use the library

The library has a daily rota system which allows two year groups to use the library at the same time.  Click the link below to check when you may use it.

Library Lunchtime Rota

The Layout of the Library

The library is split into two levels.  On the ground floor you will find a well stocked selection of over 6,500 books, including fiction, non-fiction and reference.  There are eight round tables with seating for 32 pupils, where you may sit quietly and complete your homework or read.  Alternatively if you wish to sit in comfort and enjoy some quiet time reading we have soft seating for 11 pupils.

On the upper gallery there are 15 computers which you may use for school or homework.  To use a computer during lunchtime you will need to book a place at that morning’s break.  At lunchtime when you book in, you will be issed with a Library Pass for a specific numbered computer.  When you have completed your work just return the Library Pass to the Issue desk and book out.

Also on the upper gallery is the Careers Area, here you will find all the information and resources you need to help you with your careers lessons and advice for making choices for the future.

Plan of the Library Layout

How to Enrol in the Library

Every pupil at school is encouraged to enrol in the library; this gives them the opportunity to borrow books either for reading or homework.  Pupils may take out two books at a time for a period of three weeks.  You are encouraged to return your books on time, but if they should become overdue, regular reminders are sent to class each week.

The library uses  a web-based automated system called MicroLibrarian, which can be accessed from any computer in the school.  Every pupil and resource in the library is catalogued and listed, making it simple and easy to find any information that is needed.  With this library system we use ‘Identikit Fingerprint’ technology.  (We do not store anyone’s actual fingerprints – this technology uses biometric numbers to store pupils’ information, and no fingerprint can be recreated from this).  This means that when you want to take out a book we scan your finger, no more losing tickets or barcode cards.  A win, win situation all round!

The above information is also available in booklet form, this is issued to pupils and parents/guardians on Induction day.  Every new pupil that enters the school is also given a copy.  If you would like a copy of the Library Introduction Leaflet, please click on the link below.

Library Introduction Leaflet


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